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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Arty's Reads
This Illustrated Life
Art and Adventure
Quick, Hide Here
Drawn Today
Muddy Colors
The Twirling Dragon
Abigail Halpin
Meadow to Grove
Hue and Hum
Silver Apples of the Moon
Blue Chair Diary
Midnight Ramblings
Candace Illustration
J. L. Meyer Illustrations
Coloring Outside the Lines
A Bit O'Shine
Academy of Art Character and Creature Design Notes
Alex Louisa
Art by Crystal Cook
Jody Bergsma
Crack that WIP
Darkling Woods Studio
East of the Sun
Evan Jensen's Artwork
Irene La Zia
Jason Chan Art
Lisa Hunt Art
Mythwood - The Art of Larry MacDougall
Petar Meseldžija Art
Piya's Studio
The Drawing Board
Studio Bistro
Teresa N. Fischer
The Art Department
The Quicksilver Workaholic
Warrior Princess Dream
Woodland Fancies
Ruffles and Stuff

Great Reads
Fernweh Magazine
Lucia, etc.
Gray's Locket
The Letter 4
Inside My Mind
Love August
Missing Lovebirds
Of Horsefeathers
Clothes, Cameras and Coffee
Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden
Pastor's Girl Ponderings
Another Once in Time
All that is Gold
Gonna Take a Ride Across the Moon
It's Raining
My Book of Days
Hello Highlights
My {Beautiful} Nutty Life
Random Jot Downs
Red Balloons
The Gray Traveler's Inn
The Ingelnook
The Mouse Files
Scrapes of Old Volumes, Wire and Glue
The Book Fae
The Bright and Hopeful Unknown
Unmerited Redemption
Whisperings of the Pen

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