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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Clearer post

Here is a more clear picture from a post, a couple back.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Flooring art!

My family and I happen to be on a month long media fast (meaning not going into any media type site online, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, blogs... etc.) as you read this, it's a way of re-starting almost. And also it's giving us a better understanding of the good and sometimes not so good in any one of those non-physical interactions areas. Overall, it's great! But I'm sure I'm going to want to be done by the time this gets posted. I've scheduled a couple of posts, mostly for myself as I try not to overload on media the night before I sign out of everything. :)

Today I bring you this painting, that I did on the sub flooring in my new room. I hope no one ever takes this new flooring out (blood and tears, as is typical with any home renovations;) to find this little heroine, but if they do they will also find a large flower with a seven year olds name proudly painted by herself, and a tree with a potato shaped man under it, made by a little five year old boy.  I wonder if it'll get even a glance, or maybe it'll get more? I kind of hope I never know:) But here it is, it's one little moment, last moment, before being completely covered.

Art is funny sometimes...