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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hello loyal friend!!!
It's been a while... A long while, but I feel that it was very good for me, sorry that I just disappeared though. :/

I finally feel like that things are (going to say it again) 'finally!' coming together since i graduated this time last year, and that things that I've been trying to figure out, I am getting closer and closer to! So nice. :)
Some things about me are different, and I've had to change, and I am still changing, hopefully by God's grace all is for the better.

Is it okay if I kind of spill? Hope it is, if not, scroll down for the art related fun stuff. ;)

One of the biggest things about me is that I've really been working on my relationship with The Lord, and I would love it if I could be an shoulder/ supporter for you and prayer warrior for anyone, and that, even if you who is reading this hasn't felt loved in a while, or hasn't felt joy, them maybe perhaps, if you'd allow me, I'd love it if you would share if you wanted to, or even if just something I say or post that puts a smile on your face, even if I never know about it, then I'd say that something is right in the world. :)

Now, onto life updates:
I (finally!) got my license, and just barely a full two months later I bought my first vehicle. It's a Jeep... X)

And it's so much fun, work, but fun. I'm learning so much about how cars work, how maintain them, the huge pressure of responsibility, which is so good but hard too. But the experience and trials are (I know, but is not my favorite thing) are super for growing up. ;)

Summer is here in the Pacific North West, which is very nice. I am so blessed to live surrounded by water. Within a five mile radius, I can count five decent  sized lakes, plus some small ones, with the cedar and green river close enough to visit, but far enough to not have to worry about the floodings each winter.

With summer also comes the annual Scottish Highland Games... Which are a huge highlight for me. This year was even more special, because my dear friends I occasionally play with, the Miss Adventures, played at the Highland Games with our friend Sarabeth coming in with the violin. Didn't get any really good pictures of that... But here are the few.

Got myself a souvenir as well:)

I've also been drawing and painting! Yay!

Here are some random pictures, my finger is getting very done with swyping on my Nexus tablet, so, I will say my good bye now, blessings all! More soon! (I might post some varied little videos at the bottom of this post as well... If my battery last that long:)

Got to paint a forest scene for a local play of Narnia. Had a lot of fun painting something so huge:) three panels in all.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Hello all!
Just a quick (which quickly got not so quick... ) note here, to say that while I really haven't been around much here - it's going to be even less for a little while.  Reasons why...
But first (interrupting myself)  some life updates from the last six months:  I've graduated from highschool,  failed at way too many things in nearly every day since then (no worries though,  picking myself back up and reminding myself again and again that I have to make these mistakes), went to a drawing jam in Seattle (which was so much fun! But bummed I didn't get a chance to go into the massive model building to get all sketchy:) and turned nineteen.  :)

While I'm gone, I will be doing some major schooling for my brainO, kind of getting back to the basics of what I want to be as an artist, as well as doing some small collage lessons...  which in my case  (being the weird teen that I am) means tons of reading and note taking but most likely no classes per say. My great aunt gave me a gift card to UW book store, so I'm sure I'll find loads of inspiring things there. Trying to spend more time with the people around me, making sure to use my words because I don't use them enough to encourage and build people up (rings of 2013 resolutions eh?). I'm also will be getting back into letter writing, note taking (oops, already said that), picture taking and trying to make money for a life changing journey I hope I'll be able to take this year sometime.  More of all that later.

Medium:  0.05 ink 

So you can see my face:)
If you have any suggestions on what I should study on,  I'm thinking art related but doesn't have to be,  please share.  Basically everyone that follows this little cloud of mine are so amazing,  I'm sure all of you are great talented people,  and I get so filled up on jamin' love from you'al, you inspire me and make me feel good about going on in this. And I'd be honored to get any input and feedback.
Thank you so much!