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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Watch'a think? (again)

With the new font?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sketching through Africa...

Medium: HB Pencil
... I wish. That would be amazing.

After showing this sketch to my baby brother (23 months), I asked him what it was, and he paused to squint at the sketch for a moment. Paused again and then said bluntly before walking away:



Monday, January 17, 2011

Fare thee well' after good times...

Medium: HB pencil

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pencil Sketch

Medium: No.something Pencil

Something I just did they other day. Can't wait to watercolor it. If you have idea for a title, or a story to go with it, please, you know where to go...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

traveling inside...

(it's 1.11.11! Or 11.1.11 if you want to be fun and eastern)
I'm going to cut to the chase.
Welcome to my room. I share it with two little boys (ages seven and nine...) that is why I am not showing you all of my room. Little boys are slightly disgusting - but I love them.
Any how!
First off, as you walk in, you'll notice a very large tree branch hang over the entire north wall. It has leaves, moss and ivy hanging on it. It has a lot of character. I don't know how to describe the color of the room. I think the chip said (if I can remember from that long ago) Spruce Grove, or something like that. It's a very instresing color. In natural light it turns almost blue. Then its a greenish gray the rest of the time. I kind of like it - it reminds me of what the sea looks like here in the northwest. Always stormy.

This is my curtain rod. It is three or four branches that are held together by ivy (okay, okay - I had to use wire as well...). And you can see my lovely job at painting the ceiling (I wasn't trying to by the way)

My window... with a creature rear end... ? (what was he doing there?) There are vintage coke bottles with sticks and that sort, large pine cones, rocks, sea shells and two (mostly live) ferns. (you can also see my lovely back woods view)

i: That is a stuffed duck... I didn't know it was there when I took the picture...
ii: my odd assortment of hats
iii: that is a cat
iv: my collection of book bags and other bags (No.Purses...)

You may be starting to get the idea that I like details... lots of 'em. One of my ferns has an old pair of aviators in them (found them in the boonies of Spokane, along side were a collection of empty bottles and shot gun shells). On the right is my pride and glory. Its a root. and its the main part of the room (this quality is horrible - I'm very upset with my self)

(if you can even tell which ones which)
i: butterfly hair clip on leaf
ii: sting of pearls hanging on my board that has assorted dried plants.
iii: This is the hole in the wall because of the door nob... I also forgot about it while taking the picture
iv: my handy-dandy stapler (also don't know why it's in here...)
v: a dirty mirror...
and in the corner, my friend (no name yet). He is a Fender Jazz and sounds amazing. I love him!

Here's Drinian. He is eating my foot (ouch!). Also, this gives you a wonderful view of my blue carpet...

More details. bottles, frames, little wooden chest, shells, rocks, leaves, little notebooks - a hair band...
Oh yes. That box like thing that everything is on is a record player and radio.

i: These are my vinyl records. A few months back, I had gone with a record/punk/60's theme for the room. It got old really fast. love my records though (they are my dads from when he was in school that I found in my mumu's basement)
ii: my lightning blue converse high tops. Very awesome (also because they cost around 50 bucks and I got them for $11.50. Score!)
iii: hairy ball (boys)
iv: K'nex! Proof of little boys
v: yes, it is a Christmas tree lollipop. I think it's still there... ew

my letter basket

Drinian eating my fern... I'm seeing an annoying habit coming around here.

Just a little detail up on the wall. Rooster feather, maple leaves, fern, Douglas fir and I think some barn straw tied together

I don't know if there is any sort of "category" to put my room into - it's all just stuff thrown and cut together. It works and I feel comfy in it, and the little boys are fine with anything as long as no more records on the wall (I didn't think it was that bad.)

Well... I think that's about all folks.
What does your room like? Do you like details, or more of the simple side?  Blog about it and link up here so I can see it - I'd really love to.

 As a last note - what is it with teenage guys and their bedroom doors? I already know not to go in there (I made that mistake a few years back and will never repeat it), but why with all the signs?
 My favorite one is of that of one of our friends, it goes something like this one a sign. Warning: Sleeping Tests Commencing. Do Not Enter. (That's not exactly it but it's something like that. Maybe I'll get a picture sometime).

(wow - this is really long...)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Giveaway... two actually

First off, is from Lèrowen over at her new blog, Eat...Sleep...Write. (check it out!)She is giving away one of her stunning hats (and I should know because I have one already - yes, I'm being greedy here with hats...) Here's the link for the giveaway =)

Here's the picture of the hat

Second one is for LLDS book club, anyone can join by the way. Wanting more members!
Anyhow, it is Literary Ladies Discussion Society' first anniversary. There is going to be a random drawing of the members (easy to join - fun to read books) for your choice of one of three Literary books. Check it out Here.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My backyard

A look into what I see everyday. I'll be starting outside and later on, in a different post I'll head inside. I am not a photographer. I am using my photographer sisters camera (that if it is hurt in any way I will be killed - I'm not joking - it's her life works and she only has one). So thus I can't get all the shots I wanted (in the trees or in the rain... =)
Any how, here's some pictures of my backyard and the ones who live out there too.

 Plus some unnecessary musings and rambles. You have been warned.

Meet Drinian, our newest member of the land. He is the loudest kitten ever. Really. He cries, whines and cries some more. Even in this picture above you can see his mouth whining! So funny. Gus (the baby of the family) loves this guy, and whenever he hears him outside meowing, Gus perks up  " m'ow?"

This is Molly. She is the sweetest goat you will ever find, and a great milker (but not mother - her body can't handle it - very sad story).
I am seriously surrounded by woods. And nearly ever tree in my forest is the majestic Douglas Fir (the smell is amazing)

Molly, and my two guard ducks. They are what you might call special needs ducks (these two actually drowned and then I revived them. - who would have thought that ducks could drown? It's very real though). They are seriously mean, nasty, ill-tempered and any other word you can think up of that could go along with ducks that attack people they are not happy with (like little Gus, he's terrified of them). And when I say attack, I mean they both (they are drakes by the way, which might explain why they do this) will come at you at different sides, one will distract you while the other one goes for whatever skin it can see or a pant leg. Then, he grasp hold of it, and twist and pulls. It hurts so bad when they get bare skin (just think about it, your skin is not meant to be twisted and pulled like that!). But I love them tons all the same (plus it's priceless when someone doesn't believe me and I send them in =)

Sally, Sally, Sally... She is a brat. And that is all.

After walking into the barn (no pic of the barn from the outside, didn't have a view at the time - and it was raining... and I had my sisters camera that I cannot hurt). This is the milk room door that we had people sign after helping out with the barn raising.
As you can see here, I had woken up Jax the cat who was sleeping in the loft. This is him looking down through the hole (the white thing is the front door of the barn).

Journeying up to the loft by way of a very rickety ladder...

Once again looking up at Jax, who had decided to ignore me and look out the window

The Loft! This place has been my dream for so many years. To actually have a loft to play in and sleep in. Fairytale come true

Looking out the loft window (I bring the hay, straw and feed through here)

My mom got this for me. She said it described me well.
 To sum everything up, I have odd critters, an awesome loft that anyone is welcomed to visit, and beautiful trees around me. And my fingers are cold right now.
Here's a peek into what we will be seeing next week...

The view of my window from the outside... almost looks like I'm looking outside doesn't it?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I regret it

2011 ... Isn't there supposed to be flying cars by now?

Well any how, I'm up WAAAAAAYYYY to late (it's nearly 3am ... stupid o'clock in other of my words). I spent part of the night watching the Patriot with two chums (just got past the part where they are killing everyone. No wait - that is the whole movie!), that had to come home 37 minutes (exactly) into this new year (baby sister has a very, and when I say very - I mean very... wait, what was I saying? -Bad toothache) before which we jumped around outside in the FREEZZZZZZZING (*teeth chatter*) air cold air cold (guess who was wearing pjs and blue hightop chucks not laced and a tanktop and ratty sweatshirt{jumper} that has so many holes it not even considered holy) and saw some shootings stars (I didn't, I guess I'm going to die this year={ ) and tried to pick a theme song for this year (i cant remember if it was eye of the tiger... we just started randomly singing it or something else... something about caves was it???) and lay on the freaking cold ground (did I say it was cold already? Well, it was) and looked at the stars. OH! and we lit off sparklers. Yes. I think we did twelve boxes - and ended up coughing our lungs out too.... Then, I put two little boys to sleep, ran around outside, tripped over frozen mole hills (the most dangerous thing in the northwest by the way) and watch YouTube videos until 2:50... What a life eh?!

Er... yep. And by the way - you know how when you write you say what your writing in your head? Well, I've written this whole thing with a British accent... Its has been jolly fun.

Off to bed now - happy new year folks. I hope done of you read this before you wake up... wait... nevermind (*that was said in my American teenage mumble*).

(oh yes, and I dare all of you who do read this - after you wake up of course - to read it in a British voice, the best one you can do. Tootles!)

I just read what I wrote - and I'm not going to correct my typos (ant the fact that it didn't make any sense) - that is just me at wee hours of the morning... gosh. I hope I get to sleep in tomorrow... /slash/ this morning

And I've change my mind again! You don't have to read this in a Brit voice, better yet, save your brain cells for something more productive - like watching television and chewing gum!

(I have this funny, tingling feeling that I'm going to regret posting this at 3 in the morning. I guess there is a reason that any time between 1am and 7am are considered stupid o'clock.)