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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Is it not amazing? How two (or more) people, in whatever walks and levels of life - sisters and brothers through Christ, can have friendships that are just awesome? It's inspiring.

Lërown is someone I can call my dear friend - and the quote (don't know who by) "God made us friends because he knew our mothers couldn't handle us as sisters" describes us greatly (or so I've heard from my mother). I've known Lërown nearly her whole life (we were neighbors back in the day) and she is just awesome. We also get along great, in that way that lots of people do, with opposites. She's outgoing, and I'm shy/quiet(-er. Not "super" though), and I just love her (and miss her!!! Even her annoying me to death by pinching my nose.=P)
So anyway - what I'm trying to say is - Go Check out her blog (after NaNo though - you could be a dear and follow her and write an encouraging comment for her writing!). Here at Purple Dreams (Is that not just a creative/fun title. I can't get over it!)
(btw. Isn't her purple hair awesome!? In the pic above, you can see her purple and can slightly see my red=)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

"I think we should sometimes read stories where everything's different from our world, don't you agree? There's nothing like it for teaching us to wonder why trees are green and not red, and why we have five fingers rather then six."
-Mortimer (Inkheart)

Monday, November 1, 2010

I really, really, really - like this quote

You cannot fully read a book without being alone. But through this very solitude you become intimately involved with people whom you might never have met otherwise, either because they have been dead for centuries or because they spoke languages you cannot understand. And nonetheless, they have become your closest friend, your wisest advisors, the wizards that hypnotize you, the lovers you have always dreamed of.
-Antonio Muñoz Molinas