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Monday, December 28, 2009

Treasure Planet Sketches

(Mr. Sliver with Morph^)

(The Doctor, Jim Hawkins and the Captain)

Now what I have done with these awesome characters!

(tee hee hee^ he's so funny, and has like the best lines)

(Doctor Doppler and Captain Amelia...^)

(Morph! L♥ve that little blob!)
Medium: pencil sketch
So these are some sketches from one of my childhood (and I'm still in it btw) favorite movies. It's called Treasure Planet and is based after Stevenson's Treasure Island. Really great movie, there's humor, high adventure, a little bit of romance, comedy and humor (did I say that twice?).
I recommend it to everyone!
To Look For Soon:
Some of my favorite quotes from this film, and more sketches that I have yet to upload.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Remember Him!

Many blessings and more,

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 here!

(my by all favorite group and song!)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Friends

Medium: Ink and Watercolors

I have always, since my earliest childhood memories, loved Fairies, Elves, Dragons and any sort of fairytale dream. I've brought that into my little painting of My Friends. The elf, with her wavy, different colored hair is dreamy and mystical. Her eyes (which are not very clear in this picture) are just blue. I did not give her a pupil to give the her the "other world" look.

The moon has always been my friend.
Once when I was little, I think 3 or 4 years old; I had a blue balloon, which, while leaving my grandparents house, got loose and floated away. Being a little 4yo girl I was heartbroken. I wailed for it to come back. My father, on the way home tried to cheer me up by telling me that the moon (which was full on that night) was my balloon. That it had gotten stuck up in the sky, and would stay there forever.

I don’t remember how long I believed that, but I still think of it as my friend. That’s why I put a face on it; giving it a personality I guess.
You can still find me staring up at the night sky. It has never lost its brilliance for me, and I pray it never will. The billion of stars, all in their places, us going around on a big ball of rock, water and dirt. It can make your own head spin.
What a majestic God we have!

Do you have a friend like mine? Something that comforts you in times when you are alone?

(edit: Hopefully soon I will post some of my more recent sketches, almost all of these are from early this year or last...we'll see=)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Eye Study

Medium: Charcoal

The eye is one of the most amazing parts of the body. And it is taken for granted so much even I have done that. The eye is also a fun, if sometimes challenging piece to draw. Any notes or remarks? On this sketch or the eye in its self?

Also, its snowing right now. Not sure if I'm happy or not about that.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Jane Austin Period Style

Medium: Pencil Sketch
I did this sketch 2 years ago of a friend (who I won't name... but can you guess?) The picture I used is below. In the sketch, I started out as this friend...but I have never been good at actually getting the drawing to look like the subject, so I ended up saying I only was sketching the dress.
I gave it some "action" (i.e. shawl moving in a light breezes as well as ribbons), which I think goes of nicely.
The gown is a the Jane Austin period style(and the friend made it herself! Is she not talented?).

I don't mind criticism...even though this was done a few years ago. =)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Forever an Undying Dream"

Medium: sketch and watercolors

This photo is not good at all, sorry if you can't see. I think you can click on it.

This is one of the few little sketches of mine that I have titled. I was feeling like nothing in my life would ever change. That my dreams would just stay as that-dreams.
But a dream is something you wish for, but also strive for. Sometimes you can't just wait for it to happen, but you have to go out and try and get it yourself.
I have never had watercolor lessons (or drawing for that matter), so it's sloppy I know-but that's just another dream that I have taken for myself. The love of art, to master it, to have joy in it. To actually finish something! =)

Any feedback?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Eight Question tag from Equus Delirus

I didn't think I would do tags on this blog, but because I'm in one of those moods...I guess here I go. I think I'll let Jare do his answers on RJD.

1. Six names that you go by. Libby, Bep, Libby, Liabeth, Masher-of-potatoes, Goat Girl =)
2. Three things that you are wearing right now. Black (big) T-shirt, dark green undershirt and black jeans(I guess I really am in one of those moods!)
3. Three things that you want very badly right now. For it to be warm, for December to just slip by with out me, DUCT TAPE!
4. Three things that you did last night/yesterday. Painted, watched John Adams, and finished a book and started two more...hmm.
5. Two things that you ate today. PB&J samwhich, popcorn, hash browns
6. Two people that you last talked to on the phone. A guy from dad's work, I acted like someone different by saying, "Ah yes, I'm sorry Mr.***, Erik is not available right now, could I take a message?" I love doing that=) and I think Mrs. D***
7. Two things that you are going to do today/tomorrow. School, and hopefully go for a stroll in the woods
8. Your three favorite beverages. Water, tea, and...pop (?)

And anyone can take this tag, its free!

Thanks Will again!