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Sunday, August 21, 2011

What Ho!

It's time like these that I wish that I could pull off a moderately good Brits twang and shout “what ho?” all around the streets.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Inspiration...and some Art Talk

Did you ask for it? No, but I feel the need to share.

First off, I should probably tell you what I need inspro for. I want to be a illustrator. I lean mostly towards children literature but love every form of illustrtrating at it's core. My love is watercolors, I try to paint every day. But when unable to do that (it does take some time), I try to throw out some sketches. I live inspiration - my dream would be to become a professional illustrator - but I know for a fact I am more in the category of "aspiring illustrator", more so then anything else. But hey - I can hope and dream right?

I like to watch this video with Ira Glass (it's on storytelling but I think it can apply to any form of craft).  Makes me believe that someday I can stop falling short of my ambition to make something beautiful.

The next best inspiration to start creative juices flowing is to look at other masterpieces. I never grow tried of it. Here are some of my favorites (Note - all of these mentioned are done with the medium of Watercolors):

Harold Allanson... is so amazing. Half of my family didn't believe that this was a watercolor. The detail and reality of this painting is stunningly amazing.   {Cape Pine}

John Salminen. The way he captures reality but gives it that flare that is always there gives me goosebumps.
 {Washington Square} (John Salminen) I could stare at this for hours.

Dean Mitchell's {Driftwood} *sighs*

David Cuin  {Echoes of Grandeur} The ingenious of this lighting throws me.

Sara Burrier is another watercolorists hero to me. I adore her style and am a proud owner of three of her prints.

And of course, I could never leave Susan Montague of of any of my inspiration post. Her amazing talent of capturing (seeming to be) passer-bys with watercolor is gorgeous and unforgettable.

Blessings on those who read this and their week.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Of pearls and feathers

Have I mentoned that I now have feather hair extensions?

You can kind-of see them here...  =P
 Also, just funness at the ocean. Keilah (my older sister) and I both went out to the sand as the sun was setting - both in brothers plaid shirts and pearls. Awesomeness right?
Both photo credits to my sis.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sea the sea

travel to the sea

travel to the sea by Libby.eng

(pun joyfully intended)