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Monday, May 30, 2011

Eye color, what they could be and what they are

What color SHOULD YOUR eyes be?!
Your Result: Pale blue
Your eyes should be adorable, clean, alert, magnificent, brave, and cooperative pale blue! If this IS your eye color ten you were born with the perfect eyes!!!
Brown eyes
Rich blue
What color SHOULD YOUR eyes be?!
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(My actual eyes - don't ya' just love my "natural" looking going here?)
Totally awesome - because it was right! (I don't know about the whole adorable, magnificent and brave parts - they most likely just put that in so you would look at more quizzes... but ah-ha! -flattery does not pierce my armor! ... well - most of the time at least)
I really need to up load some more sketches to this blog - I need more critics!
Hopefully more soon. =)

Friday, May 27, 2011

oh, don't we all know this feeling well...

Just some cuteness to share. =)

Monday, May 23, 2011

just a few picturers from the Last Frontier...

First off, it is so incredibly gorgeous here. I can't get over these mountains around us.

And seeing as I was visiting family... and I have a certain uncle who has a obsession collection of guns - I was able to shoot off a few of them...


 I was also able to go to the rescue type zoo here. Here are just a few of the many critters.

The most playful looking Wolverine...

One of six gray Wolves (yeah, I got a video of them running all together but I can't upload it here while still in Alaska - the connection is too slow)

A Brown bear...

And a close up on ones claws - take a look how BIG and LONG they are! Scary!

Okay - and is this not the coolest/jazzy looking camel e.v.e.r?  Its a Bactrian Camel - I like him... =)

Anyhow, it's bed time for me here - I'm leaving in the morning for sweet ol' Washington. Can't wait to get back home again - but I will miss it here.  I've had a lot of fun.

Monday, May 16, 2011

It is a full moon tonight...

I love these nights, when I can see the moon out of my window, with wispy clouds adoring it. It's at these times that I wish that I could write poetry. But I leave that to the ones that honestly can.

So, to all of you poets out there, pen me one about the moon please?

♫ Leavin', on a jet-plane...

♫ Don't know when I'll be back-agian♫

Friday, May 13, 2011


Sunburned. Back. Red Hot. ow!

But it's been such a beautiful day!!!
(and my first attempt at digital artwork. meh. Will try more later)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Organizing the Bookcase

Amazing video, a must see!

This post is dedicated to my friend Lerowen for her love of books.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Just give me my due

One of my five brothers (yes, I just love saying that=) came to me this morning, a large pellet gun in hand - and asked me if he was allowed to shoot at crows.

"Ummm... why do you ask?" I parried.

"Well, you got upset with Ben when he killed that Blue Jay - I just thought I ask if I could try my gun at crows, seeing as they are pest for our garden."

"I don't like it when you guys kill things," I tell him "but I know I can't tell you not to. So all I ask is that you give me the feathers if you do kill something - but I'm not asking you to try it - just if you do."

"If that's so, then why did you get so upset with Ben and the Blue Jay?"

"The reason was, he just buried the bird, didn't even think of giving me the feathers! I was shocked and upset for that sole reason."

       I love feathers, natural looking feathers. I make earrings out of them. But all I have right now are duck feathers (from my ducks) and some chicken feathers. A Jays blue feathers would have been amazing - and if the boys ever get a crow - well, I'll secretly morn the loss of a free and beautiful bird (aye - I think crows and ravens are beautiful) but will be glad that I will have more to sell.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


It tends to leave you standing in the middle of life's roadway, amongst all of the settling dust swirling around you.

Most things happen fast, and you're left just standing (or most of the time slumped) there, or, it-just-won't-ennnnddddd!

But what to do. When things go wrong? What do you do when your mom's baby dies? What do you do when your dad is ill? What do you do when the whole house is a emotional tangled mess? What do you do when you don't know were your feet are leading you?

So many times I catch myself falling into despair- don't want to leave the house, don't want to talk to any body, or respond to emails. Put on a fake face and go about my day. But afterwards. I myself feel fake.

"Put it away! Throw the mask of pettiness away forever!" I tell myself. "Let people see you as you are - not who you aren't!" Watch the sunrise, and see the beauty in it, see it set and have it all renewed. Hear the birds sing everyday, day in and day out. They don't stop - why should we?
"I think the only way to get through this life is laughing hard and constantly, mostly at myself."
I now understand this quote by author Shannon Hale and have begun to love it.

Wanna know how to get through life? Here are two of many ingredients:

Laugh. Breathe. Repeat.