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Monday, October 11, 2010

Erika Bella the Faerie Princess

Medium: Colored Pencils
My little sister named this one - she tells me what she thinks will happen in this story that we are making up and I write it down and she helps with the art work.
Erika Bella is a faerie princess that lives in a treat shop with her ten sisters and three (very mean) brothers. They, along with her best friends have many adventures in and around the treat shop.
We'll post some of it soon. ;) 

The little author and artist!
I also used the faerie with my header^ =) Not bad for someone with no savvyness with electronics!


Marian said...

Wow, great job! You're really talented, and it sounds like a fun story. =)

Lèrowen said...

Your little sister is so cute! She might grow up to be an author or artist.

Anonymous said...

aaah, that's so cute!!!!!

love your header. ^_^

Cassie said...

The faerie is beautiful (you spell 'faerie' my favorite way too!) I adore it as your header. You did a great job.

The mini you (aka little sister) is adorable.

(P.S. Erika (spelled with a 'k' is one of my favorite names EVER!)

Karen said...

I just love that little faerie! And I love Abbie's story, but what's with the mean brothers stuff?? And I am stunned that you were able to put the little faerie in your header. You're amazing, Libby!

~ Mom