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Friday, December 24, 2010

Confessions of a wanna-be blogger

I'm on, I'm off... I'm off again - then back! And all that jiggiejig stuff.

I honestly don't know why I keep on going back and forth (and back and forth)... it gets annoying sometimes (so sorry)
When on blogger: *whine* "I don't want to post! Why do I even post anything at all? *whine, whine, whine*
When Not on blogger: "Oh, I should post about that! ... wait... never mind."

You get the picture.
So, I'm just going to be randomly posting... I think it's what works (with life in full scale right now it's the only thing to do)

So, what's been happenin' my peeps?
Me? Oh, not much really. Just a few favorites...
Despicable Me. Love this movie!
Margo, Edith and Anges ... pretty sums up the only three girls in my family (I'm Edith btw...*grins*)
"...Um, it was your cousins idea!" "Whaaaaaaaattttt?" (I died watching that the first time with a friend=)
I've fallen in love with these little guys - gross hair and all!

Random picture of me... sorry. but I have to show off my new bangs.

Christmas Eve morning in 2009 and this year. Same place but almost totally different people. But, that's what my mom says.
THIS. IS. THE. COOLEST. KNIFE. EVER. Thank you so much Ari!!

What you ought to know... Yeah, this guy is great.

Anyhow, I'll end this now with this.
Merry Christmas!

-Part Time Lib


Cassie said...

I love the side-by-side picture of you last year and this year... plus... your bangs are fabulous!

Merry Christmas!


Lèrowen said...

I love your bangs! Sometimes I don't want to post either. =D

Check out my blog, I have a new post about my new blog, Eat...Sleep...Write.