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Saturday, October 1, 2011

{nearly}No words.

I've never, ever been so impacted by a movie. Seriously people, consider watching THIS movie. All of those that don't have active fathers in their lives, and even the ones who do, will be inspired, awed, and healed by this movie... as well as some good laughs too. 
After some very strong emotional struggles and sufferings of late, this was a very well place film in my life (not the message of needing fathers, but of the constant reminder that God. Is. Here.). Amazing.

God bless


Cassie said...

You loved it too??? Isn't the most incredible movie ever? I don't even have words adequate enough to fully describe it. It. Was. Amazing.

Lèrowen said...

I haven't watched it yet but I want to so bad!

We are going to have to Skype eachother soon!


Hannah said...

YES YES YES! Sooooo good!! :D :D today was my second time seeing it. So amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to see it!! I think it will be the best movie!!!