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Monday, June 1, 2015

Sketchbook Exchange Edition

The past month or so, I joined a app called Art Amino, it's like Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr all rolled into one with the purpose of being just for the artist community. I've thoroughly enjoyed being apart of it, and I have even roped my younger brother, an amazing artist, into tagging onto it. :)
It was through Art Amino that I become apart of a group that wanted to do a sketchbook exchange. Short version of how it will work, we get paired up with another member, each start a new sketchbook, themed around our city, and send it to the other, then do a sketch again, and send onto the next person on the list, and so on until it's full, and hopefully, if all goes accordingly, you'll get the sketchbook you started, with additions from fellow artist, from all over the world!

I just mailed this babe off to an amazing art student from Scotland, can't wait to receive another sketchbook in the next week or so that I get to put something in and send off.
My personal take on my city

Many Blessings!

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