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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Welcome to the first post of Trail of Thoughts

Welcome, G'day, Howdy, Yo, Hello, Dude, Hi!

As you can see by the title...this is the very first post of my new blog Trail of Thoughts. This blog will be all about writing, art, music, dreams and ideas.

This will not be a post-every-day-blog though, more of a daybook of my artish life (I believe I just made up a word...maybe not).

I started this because Jare was being a Troll for not posting anything and I was tried that people were asking after him and he didn't answer. This is my space (where there happens to be a lot of room...I wonder why?).

Join me if you deem me worthy. =)


The reason I gave ^ is not the real one I started this because, for one I've had this title up my sleeve for a long time-I have really wanted to use it. And I think there should be a place where all of you can see my stuff-but also share your own. Please share, your own ideas are welcomed (and I will not steal them). This blog is under COPYRIGHT as well, please, do not take what is not yours. Thank you


Lèrowen said...

I hope your blog go's well

Jare and Lib said...

Thanks Lèrowen!

Peach said...

Why did I not know of this sooner, my dear? This is exciting!---P