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Monday, November 23, 2009

Cartwheels in the Rain

Cartwheels have become something of a habit of mine now. I adore doing them; figuring out more cool ways to do it, and still try to, every time, land on my feet.

But have you done a cartwheel in the last few months?
You should.

It can make you relax, makes you look at things in a different view (seriously, you're upside down!) and just clears your thoughts.

Yesterday morning, I went off on an adventure with my wonderful dog, Reign. (who has the most stunning brown eyes)
We ran through the wet undergrowth and over logs. It was raining beautifully and chilly. But I didn't mind.

Coming to a clearing, I suddenly had the urge to spin a cartwheel. I did. Right into a deep puddle.

Cartwheels are grand, but cartwheels in puddles are simple marvelous! I did it again.

Then I thought, Why just land in one? Why not start and land in a deep, watery puddle?
I did.

I came inside soaked...and I mean really. My light green, long sleeve shirt was dripping, my beanie (or Took as they say in Canada) made a Plop sound as it hit the kitchen counter, and my jeans were making Swishing sounds as I walked.

What a way to start off a morning!

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