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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beyond your Imagination award/tag

I was award by Cassie over at Inside My Mind
The rules are simple:
1. List 8 stories or books that you would like to live in (for two weeks?)
2. List 8 other bloggers who deserve this award
3. Comment on their blog, and tell them they won an award

The Bible personally (come on - how humbling!)
Ayortha (Fairest - Gail Carson Levine)
Atherton (Atherton - Patrick Carman)
The Caribbean (the Dive series - Gordon Korman)
Mossflower woods (Redwall series - Brain Jacques)
My history book
Anywhere in The Ranger Apprentice series
The Forgotten Realm

And I award anyone who has ever dream to step inside a book and live it


Anonymous said...

May I do it?

Anonymous said...

Oops! I just saw the line that says anyone can do it!

Libby said...

of course, of course Una!