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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Be There Faeries

One of my favorite things to do when I'm not drawing or writing (not much of that lately, sad) or other crafty things; is that you may find me among baskets of ferns, dried flowers, veries of leaves and a needle and some green thread.
But what to do with these ingredients?

Why not make some faerie gowns?

A summer gown that is more dressy then anything else - perhaps for your cousins wedding or a dance by the meadow edge.
A winter gown, worn with silky spiders web legings will keep any spirited faerie warm while flying from one celebration to another.

{my mother called this a Hippy Faerie outfit... I guess it does look like it but I would wear it... if I were4 inches tall} Something to wear while roaming and having adventures.

Something more dressy - while funky at the same time.

Perhaps a nice gown for a stroll by the creek in the cool evening. Maple leaf shawl included.

Then a ball gown that will have all the other faeries heads turning.

Soon to come:
Male Faerie Apparel


Ivorydancer said...

Those are awesome Lib!

Hannah said...

Those are adorable! I love them! :-)

Marissa said...

hehe. I LOVE them :D So cool!

Lèrowen said...

Those are so cool. I'd wear the hippy one too. They are all so lovely and awesome at the same time.
I love the way you spell faerie. It looks way cooler.
I wouldn't mind some sprite apparel.

Bridget said...

Those are fantastic! Love the funky one. =]