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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Of pearls and feathers

Have I mentoned that I now have feather hair extensions?

You can kind-of see them here...  =P
 Also, just funness at the ocean. Keilah (my older sister) and I both went out to the sand as the sun was setting - both in brothers plaid shirts and pearls. Awesomeness right?
Both photo credits to my sis.


Bridget said...

Pretty! =]

Lèrowen said...

Awesome! Lucky! Those are so cool! ☺

Lèrowen said...

And guess what. I have blue streaks now! ☺ I've decided to change the color every once-in-a-while.

{Libby} said...

Dearest... PICTURES?!?!?! As in soon?


Lèrowen said...

I awarded you over at Eat...Sleep...Write.

And pictures are coming through your e-mail soon. ☺