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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Inspiration...and some Art Talk

Did you ask for it? No, but I feel the need to share.

First off, I should probably tell you what I need inspro for. I want to be a illustrator. I lean mostly towards children literature but love every form of illustrtrating at it's core. My love is watercolors, I try to paint every day. But when unable to do that (it does take some time), I try to throw out some sketches. I live inspiration - my dream would be to become a professional illustrator - but I know for a fact I am more in the category of "aspiring illustrator", more so then anything else. But hey - I can hope and dream right?

I like to watch this video with Ira Glass (it's on storytelling but I think it can apply to any form of craft).  Makes me believe that someday I can stop falling short of my ambition to make something beautiful.

The next best inspiration to start creative juices flowing is to look at other masterpieces. I never grow tried of it. Here are some of my favorites (Note - all of these mentioned are done with the medium of Watercolors):

Harold Allanson... is so amazing. Half of my family didn't believe that this was a watercolor. The detail and reality of this painting is stunningly amazing.   {Cape Pine}

John Salminen. The way he captures reality but gives it that flare that is always there gives me goosebumps.
 {Washington Square} (John Salminen) I could stare at this for hours.

Dean Mitchell's {Driftwood} *sighs*

David Cuin  {Echoes of Grandeur} The ingenious of this lighting throws me.

Sara Burrier is another watercolorists hero to me. I adore her style and am a proud owner of three of her prints.

And of course, I could never leave Susan Montague of of any of my inspiration post. Her amazing talent of capturing (seeming to be) passer-bys with watercolor is gorgeous and unforgettable.

Blessings on those who read this and their week.


Antonia said...

Wow, these paintings are impressive. I like the second one best.

I think you would make a good illustrator. I love your watercolors and a book for kids with your illustrations would be adorable. I would totally buy it. Seriously! :)

Anonymous said...

those are so neat!!!

I know that I haven't been around in aaaageeeesssss, so I just wanted to let you know: I love what you've done to your blog since I've been around!!!! it looks soooo good!!!! :D

Hope to hear from you again soon!

Lèrowen said...

Those are beautiful! I love the last one!


{Libby} said...

thanks everyone for the kind and encouraging words. What would I do with out you all?