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Thursday, September 15, 2011

end of a short summer

Summer is adventures at dawn and dusk,
Summer is flowing dresses, large belts and straw hats,
Summer is chilly snacks,
Summer is digging bare toes into cool grass,
Summer is loosing track of time and direction,
Summer is reading books in trees and flowers in hair,
Summer is sketching and painting the days away,
Summer is wishes made and wished found,
Summer is cooled iced tea and refreshments galore,
Summer is life, summer is beautiful, and summer is ... gone ...?

I wrote this at the beginning of summer this year (The last line read "Summer is life, Summer is beautiful, Summer is here" at the time), and I thought it was suited for the end of summer as well. It does feel though, summer ended in August. The Washington Seattle area just didn't get a summer this year. The hottest it ever got was 85°F and that was only three or four days of it (spread throughout about two and a half months... I know - pity me). And with my own self and schedule (I was the weird summer student this year =P), I started my Senior year of high school at the beginning of August... so to all of you who have only just recently started school... I ignore you. =P No, not really. It was my choice, and I am glad that I did. It was probably the best summer of my life to do so too (I do not even live in Winter - only in Summer do I really feel alive).

Enough of rambling? Okee dokes. I have to fully wake up anyhow now.

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Lèrowen said...

Our summer wasn't short enough for me. Today has been the only cool day in months. But I'm sorry yours was so short.