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Friday, November 4, 2011


Yesterday morning was like any other, woke up early, shoved three pills down a fighting dogs throat, did some school work, tidied up my room and then went to the library.

But I didn't go to the library for the usual reason, not to return books (which I did but they weren't mine), not to pick up a new, exciting novel, not to search for books retelling all the art of history... no... I went because they were having their twice a year book sale.
 My heart flutters and skips a beat when I her the words 'book sale'. Something about it, jostled with so many people in a too-small-room (I'm sure a fire-safety inspector would have fainted dead away), amongst old and new bounded books, faithfully searching every nook and cranny for the great find. Oh, of course, I wasn't the only one (as you've gathered I'm sure), and so it became a race... and when ever I say that I think of this and want to be him, and roll every r with my tongue. =)

So being a race, I skipped from on bookshelf, to the table, under the table and and on top of some preciously stacked cardboard boxes. Only to see that two, different men were hoarding all the books! The Horror! The first had a large box in hand, and was going through the children' table, hardly sparing a glance at the title before rudely tossing it into his prison box. He was there before me, and I left before he did and by that time he had six, extra large cardboard boxes filled overflow with any sort of books he could get his hands on. The other guy... he had one of those scanners that you can see the value of the book before you buy it so you can sell it later... the nerve!

But now, I'm going to put those men out of my mind... no need for me to get grumpy anymore. So - anyhow, I got this really awesome book on botany, has lots of great pictures, got the complete series of Narnia in one volume... and I got a telescope for five bucks there too... YES! I GOT A TELESCOPE!!! It's so, so awesome... not sure if it works yet though because of cloudy weather but it'll be fun to find out and explore! Merry Friday and Saturday to you all.

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