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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Illustration Tuesdays

Medium: HB pencil

Last night I was all alone, taking care of a sick old doggy (I love her so much - poor thing) and pulled out my series of A&E's Hornblower and sketchbook. And while some people would consider watching a movie by themselves a lonely thing, living in a house that is always full to bursting (ten and sometimes more people living here) its sometimes nice for some peace and quite. It's also fun for myself because when I'm watching a show, such as Hornblower, that I can giggle, overreact at things and in general put aside my normal coolness (oh yeah baby) to just enjoy a good show (of course, some would argue that Hornblower is the definitions of coolness... and I would agree). =)

Anywhoo, thought I would try and illustrate how I watch Hornblower... all curled up and hand over mouth (and sometimes eyes).

Enjoy the rest of your week!


'Sophia' said...

Omhg - I LOVE LOVE this piece. This is SO me. Hee Well done!! :)

Tammie Lee said...

I have never heard of Hornblower,
but i have no problem watching things on my computer while i sketch!

I love this piece.

i have never heard of illustration Tuesdays either.

Bethie {Libster} said...

Thanks you both=)

Tammie: Yes - watch Hornblower. It's great fun.
And I kind of just made up Illustration Tuesdays for that day - I get all spontaneous every blue moon;)