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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just some (rough) sketches

Unfortunately, I've been a horrible blogger lately. But at least the time I haven't spent on the computer has been in my sketch book and at my drafting desk.
Here are some of them, all in ink because I was challenged (by TWO dead guys at that!) to only work in ink for a week. I was so scared at first, but now that the week is almost up, as much as I love my pencils, this has been very freeing to my style and mind. I very much recommend doing this.

"Do you realize what will happen to you if you practice drawing with a pen? -That it will make you expert, skillful, and capable of much drawing out of your own head."  --Cennio D'Andrea Cennini

(And Walt Stanchfield, if you were wondering who the other guy was. All artist out there, find a way to get your hands on both volumes of Drawn To Life by Walt Stanchfield, Edited by Don Hahn - Really!)

Camrea out of batteries, so had to use the scanner which hates scanning things from my sketchbook, thus the  blurry edges) =(

Happy sketching everyone!

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