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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Eight Question tag from Equus Delirus

I didn't think I would do tags on this blog, but because I'm in one of those moods...I guess here I go. I think I'll let Jare do his answers on RJD.

1. Six names that you go by. Libby, Bep, Libby, Liabeth, Masher-of-potatoes, Goat Girl =)
2. Three things that you are wearing right now. Black (big) T-shirt, dark green undershirt and black jeans(I guess I really am in one of those moods!)
3. Three things that you want very badly right now. For it to be warm, for December to just slip by with out me, DUCT TAPE!
4. Three things that you did last night/yesterday. Painted, watched John Adams, and finished a book and started two more...hmm.
5. Two things that you ate today. PB&J samwhich, popcorn, hash browns
6. Two people that you last talked to on the phone. A guy from dad's work, I acted like someone different by saying, "Ah yes, I'm sorry Mr.***, Erik is not available right now, could I take a message?" I love doing that=) and I think Mrs. D***
7. Two things that you are going to do today/tomorrow. School, and hopefully go for a stroll in the woods
8. Your three favorite beverages. Water, tea, and...pop (?)

And anyone can take this tag, its free!

Thanks Will again!

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