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Monday, January 25, 2010

Lovely Mushrooms

Personally I really do like sketching mushrooms... don't ask me why because I won't know the answer. (maybe it's because their cute and yet some times deadly at the same time...naw!)
Cartoon/animation typeO... remainds me of Alice in Wonderland
Medium: #2 pencil

This looks like something that could be on a wood elfs plate...
Medium: Watercolor and sketch

And this is a series of them that I did (in the middle is a dried Huckleberrie branch). I am quite happy with it.
Medium: Watercolor and lines (I have this frame over my desk)

So fun to sketch and to paint and all that other good stuff (even though I still can't stand the taste of them! *gag* But I'm trying to get over it... slowly).
There's something about them that just makes you smile, or turns a frown upside down!

So go out there and do something with a mushroom! (I mean it...)


Antonia said...

Awww...I like pictures of mushrooms too! I don't really like to draw them, but one of my friends can draw really cute mushrooms (like the first of your mushrooms) and I love them! ;)

The series is great. Good choice and combination...

And I also can't stand the taste of mushrooms... :)

Oh, BTW: Some of the quotes on your blog are pretty cool!

Lèrowen said...

Yes, what is it about mushrooms that is so cute? I think it's the kind of out of this world look. Like they don't belong in this world, but to another.

Great drawings Lib, I love them. The first one is just way to cute. Love it!

And funny enough, I hate the taste of mushrooms too. But I'm going to try to like them.


Anonymous said...

those are great!!!!! ^^ i love sketches..... and sketching... :)

Marian said...

I love your mushroom pictures! I especially like how you did the series; very cool!