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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Farewell for now

(I think I called this either "Little red riding hood" or "girl with cloak and basket" ...)
Medium: #2 pencil

Yo all, I'm off blogger for a while - I just need the time so I will not be checking other blogs (I'm so sorry) or blogging here (Jare will be blogging at RJD though - so you can head over there if you want). My email is still up (if you would like it, it can be found on the RJD left sidebar - use wisely please. Only if you have questions or need someone to talk to)

I don't think I will be gone long - just for me to get caught up on school, bass lessons, goat herding, barn building, writing, and finally but not least - painting. I am in a very painty mood - as well as sketching (so until I get back you can look forward to them).

Until we meet again... Later!

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Avalon said...

Happy Valentines Day