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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Feeling in quite the silly mood - how 'bout you?

Medium: Dry Erase Marker
Don't ask me why - just am! Maybe it's the charcoal on my face (in the lines like a football player-I didn’t do the black eye one =p) or the fact that I have welts and bruises all over my body (mainly my face though - funny think that there's a rule about NOT hitting faces!!!) or the wet, earthy smell and my left ear twice the size it should be, or that every time I hear a loud, rabid sound - I duck. But what’s the explanation for all of this ridiculous bliss?
An AirSoft war.
Aye yes - all is good with BBs and war... or something like that. =P
Now I think I’ll go change… and maybe a shower wouldn’t do me any more harm.

Have a wonderful weekend!
(And I'm going to be very lame/silly and post this also on RJD)
(PS Happy Birthday Will!)

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Lèrowen said...

Lucky. But not about the brusies. I've never been in an airsoft war. But I have felt pure sillyness before. It is ridiculous bliss.