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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New... ish-er!

I'm so tickled - I finally did something with the blog! And I change things - deleted and added! (this coming from someone who usually runs away from change) And it was so easy. Here is a picture that I took so that we may always remember the old. (*moment of silence*)

Alrighty! Now onto the new! As you might have noticed, I've changed the title as well (my eyes were tightly closed while I did, for you information), It's shorter, simpler and to the point. I love wood trails - my mind is forever branching off into trails (not trains =) and I just like it a lot more.

I also made the whole blog brighter, and clearer (I hope!). Still, if anything starts whacking out, or you are having problems viewing - please don't hesitate to tell (either via comments or email).

Thank you so much to those who still read this blog! I really want to get back on to posting more - just hang tight!


Antonia said...

Love you new blog design! I especially love the new header :)

Lèrowen said...

I LOVE it! Great job!

{Libby} said...

Thank you both - I was hoping you would. =)