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Monday, January 6, 2014

drawing from thought vs. drawing from a model

 Sketching out these hands was really just that, but than that 'thing' happened... You know, when a thought suddenly becomes an idea. Weird I know. Wish it would happen more often. :P
But than as I kept trying to give the piece a little more dramatics and tension - I just couldn't put it down, simply for the fact that trying to just look at my hands awkwardly clasped infront of me, it's pretty much impossible to get that "experience" unless I've made serious note of a similar scene already. That's when actual other human beings become real good handy (ha! Don't judge me) subjects. Two football players that happen to be my live in brothers do very well.
Soon I hope to use this photo (plus the others) to make something out of that little seed of thought.

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