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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

late night sketching

This means something to me, but any one who sees it sees something different. A different perspective is amazing. I love hearing what people see or "feel" about sketches. What do you see?


Raymond Dokupil said...

Jared and I decided it's a demonic invasion. The flames look like it's shooting out of him, but he's in a reactionary position as if he's being attacked. So it's like he's being confronted with the sin condition/spiritual battle and has discovered that he is his own enemy.

o.O spooky.

Bethie Engstrom said...

That is very similar to what my dad thought of it, also, the side of the spiritual battles all around that we can't really see but are able to feel. I asked some younger kids and got some very interesting ideas from them. One of them was that the darkness was sin that was hurting us but God's hand was keeping the fullness of it away because of Christ dying for us. Thanks for commenting Raymond, and for sharing yours and Jared's thoughts! :)