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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

posting pieces and bits and bobs from me

I cannot promise every day, nor that the pictures will be anything near quality, not even going to try to prod high quality photos with a very long poll, but, I can promise you'll see some of me, my thoughts or wounderings put into picture form. :)
I'm hoping that by doing this I will feel less afraid of being afraid of my creativity. And that my creativity, the little things that come from my head, by the use of my hands, will start to get used to not being shut away in the dark, safe prisons of a sketchbook.
Thank you for being here, reading this.



Hannah said...

Yes! Bethie, I love your art and your style and your heart and your ideas and it always is like a little sparkle of beauty in my life.

Bethie Engstrom said...

Thank you so much Hannah! You make me feel so special! Love you. <3