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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 ... Isn't there supposed to be flying cars by now?

Well any how, I'm up WAAAAAAYYYY to late (it's nearly 3am ... stupid o'clock in other of my words). I spent part of the night watching the Patriot with two chums (just got past the part where they are killing everyone. No wait - that is the whole movie!), that had to come home 37 minutes (exactly) into this new year (baby sister has a very, and when I say very - I mean very... wait, what was I saying? -Bad toothache) before which we jumped around outside in the FREEZZZZZZZING (*teeth chatter*) air cold air cold (guess who was wearing pjs and blue hightop chucks not laced and a tanktop and ratty sweatshirt{jumper} that has so many holes it not even considered holy) and saw some shootings stars (I didn't, I guess I'm going to die this year={ ) and tried to pick a theme song for this year (i cant remember if it was eye of the tiger... we just started randomly singing it or something else... something about caves was it???) and lay on the freaking cold ground (did I say it was cold already? Well, it was) and looked at the stars. OH! and we lit off sparklers. Yes. I think we did twelve boxes - and ended up coughing our lungs out too.... Then, I put two little boys to sleep, ran around outside, tripped over frozen mole hills (the most dangerous thing in the northwest by the way) and watch YouTube videos until 2:50... What a life eh?!

Er... yep. And by the way - you know how when you write you say what your writing in your head? Well, I've written this whole thing with a British accent... Its has been jolly fun.

Off to bed now - happy new year folks. I hope done of you read this before you wake up... wait... nevermind (*that was said in my American teenage mumble*).

(oh yes, and I dare all of you who do read this - after you wake up of course - to read it in a British voice, the best one you can do. Tootles!)

I just read what I wrote - and I'm not going to correct my typos (ant the fact that it didn't make any sense) - that is just me at wee hours of the morning... gosh. I hope I get to sleep in tomorrow... /slash/ this morning

And I've change my mind again! You don't have to read this in a Brit voice, better yet, save your brain cells for something more productive - like watching television and chewing gum!

(I have this funny, tingling feeling that I'm going to regret posting this at 3 in the morning. I guess there is a reason that any time between 1am and 7am are considered stupid o'clock.)

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Cassie said...

I love you, Libby... and your wonderful personality. :p

This post was hysterical!


Your chum,