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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My backyard

A look into what I see everyday. I'll be starting outside and later on, in a different post I'll head inside. I am not a photographer. I am using my photographer sisters camera (that if it is hurt in any way I will be killed - I'm not joking - it's her life works and she only has one). So thus I can't get all the shots I wanted (in the trees or in the rain... =)
Any how, here's some pictures of my backyard and the ones who live out there too.

 Plus some unnecessary musings and rambles. You have been warned.

Meet Drinian, our newest member of the land. He is the loudest kitten ever. Really. He cries, whines and cries some more. Even in this picture above you can see his mouth whining! So funny. Gus (the baby of the family) loves this guy, and whenever he hears him outside meowing, Gus perks up  " m'ow?"

This is Molly. She is the sweetest goat you will ever find, and a great milker (but not mother - her body can't handle it - very sad story).
I am seriously surrounded by woods. And nearly ever tree in my forest is the majestic Douglas Fir (the smell is amazing)

Molly, and my two guard ducks. They are what you might call special needs ducks (these two actually drowned and then I revived them. - who would have thought that ducks could drown? It's very real though). They are seriously mean, nasty, ill-tempered and any other word you can think up of that could go along with ducks that attack people they are not happy with (like little Gus, he's terrified of them). And when I say attack, I mean they both (they are drakes by the way, which might explain why they do this) will come at you at different sides, one will distract you while the other one goes for whatever skin it can see or a pant leg. Then, he grasp hold of it, and twist and pulls. It hurts so bad when they get bare skin (just think about it, your skin is not meant to be twisted and pulled like that!). But I love them tons all the same (plus it's priceless when someone doesn't believe me and I send them in =)

Sally, Sally, Sally... She is a brat. And that is all.

After walking into the barn (no pic of the barn from the outside, didn't have a view at the time - and it was raining... and I had my sisters camera that I cannot hurt). This is the milk room door that we had people sign after helping out with the barn raising.
As you can see here, I had woken up Jax the cat who was sleeping in the loft. This is him looking down through the hole (the white thing is the front door of the barn).

Journeying up to the loft by way of a very rickety ladder...

Once again looking up at Jax, who had decided to ignore me and look out the window

The Loft! This place has been my dream for so many years. To actually have a loft to play in and sleep in. Fairytale come true

Looking out the loft window (I bring the hay, straw and feed through here)

My mom got this for me. She said it described me well.
 To sum everything up, I have odd critters, an awesome loft that anyone is welcomed to visit, and beautiful trees around me. And my fingers are cold right now.
Here's a peek into what we will be seeing next week...

The view of my window from the outside... almost looks like I'm looking outside doesn't it?


Lèrowen said...

Special needs ducks, I love that. ☺

Cassie said...

Awesome post!!! I loved seeing all of the pictures... your barn is fantastic. DON'T get me started on the loft... I'm so jealous. One day I dream of having a loft and a window seat... *sigh*.

"Whaatt? I was just walking." XD

Love ya!

P.S. My sister, Cora is obsessing over the picture of Gus in your Christmas photo. We've hung the picture up with all of our Christmas cards and every time Cora sees the picture of Gus she says, "Look! Dat's me!" Uh, Cora... I don't think so... *smiles*