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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Giveaway... two actually

First off, is from Lèrowen over at her new blog, Eat...Sleep...Write. (check it out!)She is giving away one of her stunning hats (and I should know because I have one already - yes, I'm being greedy here with hats...) Here's the link for the giveaway =)

Here's the picture of the hat

Second one is for LLDS book club, anyone can join by the way. Wanting more members!
Anyhow, it is Literary Ladies Discussion Society' first anniversary. There is going to be a random drawing of the members (easy to join - fun to read books) for your choice of one of three Literary books. Check it out Here.


Cassie said...

Awesome Libby! Thanks for entering!


Lèrowen said...

Thanks Libby. Three more entries for you.