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Monday, January 17, 2011

Fare thee well' after good times...

Medium: HB pencil

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Cassie said...

Libby, here is my reply to your comment on my blog. If you reply, would you mind leaving it on the same post? Thanks!

How can anyone NOT love Monk??? Well, I don't really compare people to Monk, but my little brother Curtis has decided that he only likes even numbers and Connor and I are constantly straightening things... my mom will say, "Stop being Monk!" We also quote the show all of the time. Our favorites are "It's a gift... and the curse." and "You'll thank me later." *smiles*

You have a notebook for Monk?!?!? That's awesome! I was thinking of maybe writing a fanfiction of a continuing story, but my mom told me not to waste my time... she's right. I did the math and I realized that I have spent four days of the life just watching Monk... Ouch. FOUR WHOLE DAYS!

Well, you would even have to watch the entire first episode, they are investigating a murder and this dialogue occurs (I found the quote online... don't worry... I didn't memorize it. *grins*)

Monk: The stove.

Police Officer: Over here. It's in the kitchen.

Monk: No, I mean my stove. I think I left it on.

Sharona: It's okay. I, uh, checked it as we were leaving.
Monk: Are you sure? Did you turn the knob?

Sharona: Yeah.

Monk: The little knob, though.

Sharona: I turned all the knobs. The stove was off, Adrian. Do you want me to drive all the the way back to the city and check the stove?

Monk: No.

Sharona: I mean, is that what you're telling me to do?

Monk: Would you? Could you? That would be great.
Sharona: Now pull your twisted self together, concentrate, and be brilliant.