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Monday, May 2, 2011

Just give me my due

One of my five brothers (yes, I just love saying that=) came to me this morning, a large pellet gun in hand - and asked me if he was allowed to shoot at crows.

"Ummm... why do you ask?" I parried.

"Well, you got upset with Ben when he killed that Blue Jay - I just thought I ask if I could try my gun at crows, seeing as they are pest for our garden."

"I don't like it when you guys kill things," I tell him "but I know I can't tell you not to. So all I ask is that you give me the feathers if you do kill something - but I'm not asking you to try it - just if you do."

"If that's so, then why did you get so upset with Ben and the Blue Jay?"

"The reason was, he just buried the bird, didn't even think of giving me the feathers! I was shocked and upset for that sole reason."

       I love feathers, natural looking feathers. I make earrings out of them. But all I have right now are duck feathers (from my ducks) and some chicken feathers. A Jays blue feathers would have been amazing - and if the boys ever get a crow - well, I'll secretly morn the loss of a free and beautiful bird (aye - I think crows and ravens are beautiful) but will be glad that I will have more to sell.


Skyla said...

Oh My!! My Brother likes to kill Starlings ( Of corse they are pests)
And he tries to kill Quail! :(
I WANT TO EAT THEM!!!! HE yells at me will i am righting a comment I like Quail Mommy likes Quail to, SO THAT IS THAT!!

P.S. I will send the fathers to you if you want All i need is your address!

Skyla said...

I mean Feathers

{Libby} said...

I was getting concerned there, about you sending me fathers (FirstClass is the usual way of sending them). ;)

What sort of feathers do you have?

Skyla said...

Ummm, We don't have feathers yet but my brother will be killing birds soon ( Or he will soon):)starlings is the most we will have.