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Monday, May 16, 2011

It is a full moon tonight...

I love these nights, when I can see the moon out of my window, with wispy clouds adoring it. It's at these times that I wish that I could write poetry. But I leave that to the ones that honestly can.

So, to all of you poets out there, pen me one about the moon please?


Gray said...

The moon's the heart of night
drawing the darkness into its arms
giving it shadow without giving light
giving it reason to show its splendor
leaving a curtain of dark to hide under.

TADA! It took me a total of thirty seconds to write, it's 11 and I have homework, and I hope you have comment moderator on so that you enjoy it for yourself alone and don't publish it.

Gray said...

Dang. Comment moderator isn't on.

And I forgot to write a line that rhymes with "arms."

This is how much I love you, Bethie.

{Libby} said...

I love you more Grace. (and I just emailed you if you didn't see it).