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Monday, January 16, 2012

Day: One of Seven

Medium:H2 pencil

Well - this is my slightly pathetic excuse for DayONE of my week of daily drawings - I hope to do better in the future days to come.
Today hasn't really been "busy" but it was full. It's been snowing since Sunday morning and we've stacked up a good couple of inches and reported to be more in the coming days, that being said, we've been making sure the house is stocked up for a week without any trips just in case we are unable to leave (Our one truck is a sorry excuse for a vehicles- no joke.), and I also was able to paint with two of the funnest little girls - so sweet. This sketch (I wish the scan turned out better) was inspired by all the dishes I've washed today. Our family dishwasher blew up (literary) about a year ago and the funds and time haven't met together at a time to install one - so! Lib the dishwasher to the rescue! =)

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