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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Power update

Got a mean joke yesterday, power came back on after 25+ hours of having it off (while a snow AND Ice storm)  and we were so happy to have warm running water again. We blissfully went to sleep last night (Still didn't have internet on though) and then we woke (nearly crying) to the power off again. Because of all the melting snow and ice, the ground was very soft and we had some strong winds that blew many trees on top of power lines. It has been reported that we won't get it back until Monday or Tuesday.... =( Prayers would be appreciated.

The way I am able to write this is that we are at a family friends place that have a generator. I can't go on with my daily drawings because I don't have a way to upload pictures. So I'll post whatever I draw this week and give it all in a big batch next week. Thank you so much for your patience and prayers.

Much love to all!

(The way I was able to post last night was on my mom's phone - but I could only write in the title subject - so sorry!)


Lèrowen said...

No fun! Have you had your fill of winter this year? ☺ I have.

Bethie {Libster} said...

I know! I have gotten my fill already - at the library now (no power still=(