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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Friends

Medium: Ink and Watercolors

I have always, since my earliest childhood memories, loved Fairies, Elves, Dragons and any sort of fairytale dream. I've brought that into my little painting of My Friends. The elf, with her wavy, different colored hair is dreamy and mystical. Her eyes (which are not very clear in this picture) are just blue. I did not give her a pupil to give the her the "other world" look.

The moon has always been my friend.
Once when I was little, I think 3 or 4 years old; I had a blue balloon, which, while leaving my grandparents house, got loose and floated away. Being a little 4yo girl I was heartbroken. I wailed for it to come back. My father, on the way home tried to cheer me up by telling me that the moon (which was full on that night) was my balloon. That it had gotten stuck up in the sky, and would stay there forever.

I don’t remember how long I believed that, but I still think of it as my friend. That’s why I put a face on it; giving it a personality I guess.
You can still find me staring up at the night sky. It has never lost its brilliance for me, and I pray it never will. The billion of stars, all in their places, us going around on a big ball of rock, water and dirt. It can make your own head spin.
What a majestic God we have!

Do you have a friend like mine? Something that comforts you in times when you are alone?

(edit: Hopefully soon I will post some of my more recent sketches, almost all of these are from early this year or last...we'll see=)


Bracie said...

My mom calls me her Moon beam. =D

Jare and Lib said...

I like it!