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Monday, December 28, 2009

Treasure Planet Sketches

(Mr. Sliver with Morph^)

(The Doctor, Jim Hawkins and the Captain)

Now what I have done with these awesome characters!

(tee hee hee^ he's so funny, and has like the best lines)

(Doctor Doppler and Captain Amelia...^)

(Morph! L♥ve that little blob!)
Medium: pencil sketch
So these are some sketches from one of my childhood (and I'm still in it btw) favorite movies. It's called Treasure Planet and is based after Stevenson's Treasure Island. Really great movie, there's humor, high adventure, a little bit of romance, comedy and humor (did I say that twice?).
I recommend it to everyone!
To Look For Soon:
Some of my favorite quotes from this film, and more sketches that I have yet to upload.


Anonymous said...

those are hilarious!!!!! i love the one of "Doctor Duppler"....... ^^

Hannah said...


Cute sketches, btw. Love the one of Doppler and Morph. ^^

Lèrowen said...

Those are so awsome. They look almost like the same to the real things. No, the look just like the real thing! Amazing!
And yes, Morph is so cute. The Docter Doppler one was hilariouslly funny. (I don't think that's how you spell hilariouslly. *giggles* That's me)
Great job!

story_weaver said...

I love Treasure Planet! Beautiful sketches!

Cassie said...

Libby- I watched that movie when I was really little and I love it! I need to see it again... Anyway, your drawings were amazing!

I promise to reply to your email soon. I don't know why, I'm better with blogs than email... :p

I have something I want to share with you:
I posted about a blogger book club I'm starting.

Check out this link if you are interested:

Your forever friend,

Anonymous said...

~ Ëarwen
(Holy cow, how your blog has changed! I've neglected it for FOREVER!!! I love it!)