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Friday, December 4, 2009

Jane Austin Period Style

Medium: Pencil Sketch
I did this sketch 2 years ago of a friend (who I won't name... but can you guess?) The picture I used is below. In the sketch, I started out as this friend...but I have never been good at actually getting the drawing to look like the subject, so I ended up saying I only was sketching the dress.
I gave it some "action" (i.e. shawl moving in a light breezes as well as ribbons), which I think goes of nicely.
The gown is a the Jane Austin period style(and the friend made it herself! Is she not talented?).

I don't mind criticism...even though this was done a few years ago. =)


The Reluctant Dragon said...

Who is that weirdo?


Lèrowen said...

I LOVE IT! The drawing is beautiful, the dress is beautiful, and I love the Jane Austin time period. I like the way you place the girl at the side of the drawing and not the middle. For drawings like that it looks very gracful to have the person to the side. Wonderful job!

The Cowgirls said...

Hey Jare and Lib,
We tagged you !! go to our blog Thanks The cowgirls